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  Sperry Top Sider AO 2 Eye Lime Glitter Patent

Sperry Top Sider AO 2 Eye Jade Washed Corduroy


Dark Brown Woven Suede


Berry Washed Corduroy


Black Buck Teddy Fleece


Black Glitter Patent


AO 2 Eye Black Jade


Blue Washed Corduroy




Cobalt Suede


Cobalt Woven Suede


Sperry AO 2 Eye Dark Brown Studs


Fuchsia Suede


Gold Glitter Patent


Green Suede


Grey Washed Corduroy




Ivory Python Print


Ivory Suede Orange


Recommended Styles


Sperry Top Sider Adeline


Ao 2 Eye Burnished


AO 2 Eye Corduroy




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User Reviews

THe SakDaddy from Rural, Ohio

I've had my Men's Sperry Top-Sider for over 11 years...beat the tar out of them and they are still good for many more miles yet. They've been in the office, the garden, church and anywhere else you can think -- my number one shoe! Used some neetsfoot (sp?) oil on them last week and they looked as good as new. Heels are starting to wear on them. Bought a "similar" shoe and it fell apart in a month. GREAT shoe! GREAT company! Sold forever on Rockport!

Bob from SLC, Utah

Narrow size was perfect, but I ordered a size 13 and it felt more like a size 12 or even smaller as toes curled inside shoe. VERY disappointing as shoe was just what I was looking for. Order one or even two sizes LARGER

Mr. Allerton from Raleigh, NC

Out of the box these shoes fit a touch too small, but after a good week of wearing, the leather will conform to your feet. Resist the urge to up-size for a comfortable out-of-the-box fit. You'll be happy later when your shoes aren't flip-flopping too big.

Drew from Arizona

I bought these a couple years ago and they still work for me, I wear them to work on casual days and when i work in the yard and when i go fishing. i get them wet and no problems

Tom from USA

Each time I buy Topsiders, I discover the quality has gone down yet again. I actually still own a pair 4 generations (15+ years) old whose sole has no holes, while the most recent generation wore off half a heel in one year. The leather upper from 4 generations ago still looks like oiled mature leather; the brand-new pair I got last week looks like cheap surface-sprayed plastic-treated leatherette, with an ugly brown tone. The 4-generations old pair was also made in China as the latest 4 were. I fondly remember my first few pair of Topsiders - made by American Craftsmen - the only thing American now is the Advertising [*] "Tradition, etc, etc". AUTHENTIC? NO!! ORIGINAL? NO!! TOPSIDERS? IN NAME ONLY.


More Colors For Sperry Top Sider AO 2 Eye

Lime Glitter Patent Navy Green Plaid Nude Patent Black Olive Peach
Orange Python Print Orange Sparkle Suede Cognac Pink Sparkle Suede Cognac Sperry AO 2 Eye Purple Woven Suede
Purple Plaid Brown Sahara W Honey Outsole Sand Brown Multi Animal Print Sand Washed Corduroy
Silver Sparkle Suede Tan Olive Gold Sparkle Suede AO 2 Eye Black Studs



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