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  Sperry Top Sider AO 2 Eye Orange Sparkle Suede Cognac

Sperry Top Sider AO 2 Eye Jade Washed Corduroy


Dark Brown Woven Suede


Berry Washed Corduroy


Black Buck Teddy Fleece


Black Glitter Patent


AO 2 Eye Black Jade


Blue Washed Corduroy




Cobalt Suede


Cobalt Woven Suede


Sperry AO 2 Eye Dark Brown Studs


Fuchsia Suede


Gold Glitter Patent


Green Suede


Grey Washed Corduroy




Ivory Python Print


Ivory Suede Orange


Recommended Styles


Sperry Top Sider Adeline


Ao 2 Eye Burnished


AO 2 Eye Corduroy




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User Reviews

Mark from Miami Beach FL

This is the best shoe in the world for me, and now I can simply order a pair any time I need them [...]My size is 9.5 W, which is perfect. I CAN wear 9.5 M, and I sometimes do for the color, as I like the Navy. [...]

GaryA from Dunlap, TN

This is my number one casual shoe. I usually have a couple of pairs. Around the house I will get them all messed up and replace them but have never replaced them because I wear them out.

Mike from Cedar River Michigan

Shoes looked great and were well made. But the largest width available was still too narrow for my foot. Had to return the item and order something else. New item, Hush Puppy boat shoes are great and fit.

Joe from New York

I think its a great shoe, but the laces seem long. I would like to see this shoe where the laces are fixed to it where no tying is necessary, or laces are dangling. But I love these shoes over all. O' and a little more cushion wouldn't hurt. Hope this helps.

Tim from Silver Spring, Md.

I knew the style and the color and even the brand going in so it was just a matter of finding it. the problem with the stores is they may not have your size even though they have the shoes you want.


They have been a part of my wardrobe for over 30 years. The offer great comfort and can be worn just about anywhere. As the "originals" become harder to find I'm thankful there are places like these. Thanks for keeping the good times alive!


More Colors For Sperry Top Sider AO 2 Eye

Lime Glitter Patent Navy Green Plaid Nude Patent Black Olive Peach
Orange Python Print Orange Sparkle Suede Cognac Pink Sparkle Suede Cognac Sperry AO 2 Eye Purple Woven Suede
Purple Plaid Brown Sahara W Honey Outsole Sand Brown Multi Animal Print Sand Washed Corduroy
Silver Sparkle Suede Tan Olive Gold Sparkle Suede AO 2 Eye Black Studs



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